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EN-PADI/DAN Snorkeler Research Operator Student

The PADI/DAN Snorkeler Research Operator Course is aimed at snorkelers who wish to participate actively in research by learning to record their snorkeling excursion according to a correct methodology from a scientifica and epidemiological point of view
  • Introduction
  • Session One: Divers Alert Network
  • Session Two: Introduction to Equalisation
  • Session Three: First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
  • Session Four: Hydration and snorkeling safety
  • Session Five: Citizen Science (CS)
  • Session Six: Marine Protected Areas (MPA)
  • Session: Workshop
  • DAN Workshop: Refractometer (optional)
  • 01 Calibrating the Refractometer
  • 02 Put in two drops of measured substance (urine)
  • 03 Read the value of the result
  • 04 Cleaning and disinfecting the Refractometer
  • Session: Open Water
  • Open Water Snorkeling Excursion
  • Session Appendix - Citizen Science Protocols
  • AWARE - Dive Against Debris - Protocol
  • Sea Sentinels - Protocol
  • Visual Census MPA-ENGAGE - Protocol
  • Tutorial Visual Census step 1
  • Tutorial Visual Census step 2
  • RCMed U-CEM - Protocol
  • Appendix
  • PADI/DAN Snorkeler Research Operator Checklist
  • Quotes
  • Knowledge Review
  • EN-PADI/DAN Snorkeler Research Operator Student Manual
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year