EN-PADI/DAN Snorkeler Research Operator Instructor

The purpose of the PADI/DAN Snorkeler Research Operator Instructor Course is to give students knowledge and skills needed to complete Citizen Science investigations in Dive Marine Biology and DAN Research, the forward of related data: the surveys and data sent under Snorkeler Research Operator are essential to stimulate changes on Climate Change.
  • Introduction
  • Section One Course Standards
  • Section Two Knowledge Development
  • II. Divers Alert Network
  • III. Introduction to Equalisation
  • IV. First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
  • V. Hydration and snorkeling safety
  • VI. Citizen Science (CS)
  • VII. Marine Protected Areas (MPA)
  • Section Three DAN Workshop (optional) and Citizen Science Workshop
  • DAN Workshop- Use of the Refractometer (optional)
  • 01 Calibrate the refractometer
  • 02 Put a drop of urine
  • 03 Read the result value
  • 04 Clean the prism surface
  • Confined Water
  • Section Four Open Water Snorkeling Excursion
  • Appendix - Citizen Science Protocols
  • AWARE - Dive Against Debris - Protocol
  • Sea Sentinels - Protocol
  • Tutorial Sea Sentinel step 1:2
  • Tutorial Sea Sentinel step 3
  • Visual Census MPA-ENGAGE - Protocol
  • Tutorial Visual Census step 1
  • Tutorial Visual Census step 2
  • RCMed U-CEM - Protocol
  • Tutorial M Reef Check MAC
  • Appendix
  • PADI:DAN Snorkeler Research Operator Instructor Checklist
  • Quotes
  • PIC Accreditation Form
  • Instructor Exam
  • PADI/DAN SRO Lesson Guide V1.0 EN
  • EN-PADI/DAN Snorkeler Research Operator Instructor Guide V1.0
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year